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Bryte Insurance Company Limited

The insurance company behind
iMPAC Underwriting Managers

iMPAC Underwriting Managers is the appointed Underwriting Manager for Bryte Insurance Company Limited for all motor mechanical warranties and crop-related products sold by Dealerships, Financial Institutions or Brokers.

Bryte Insurance Company Limited is the premier, proactive business risk specialist. Applying its unparalleled sector insights, proven expertise and foresight, it partners with customers and brokers to protect their business and improve their risk profile in Africa.

Bryte Insurance Company Limited’s Purpose
Bryte Insurance Company Limited protects its customers’ business.

Bryte Insurance Company Limited’s customers are businesses committed to operating responsibly and sustainably.

Bryte Insurance Company Limited’s Value Proposition

  • Create meaningful partnerships to protect customers’ business
  • Enable customers to better understand and proactively manage their risk
  • Provide risk solutions

Bryte Insurance Company Limited’s Ambition
Its customers and partners choose Bryte Insurance Company Limited to manage risks because of their insight, foresight, skilled teams and high levels of service.

Bryte Insurance Company Limited’s Brand
The Bryte Insurance Company Limited brand is reflective of the company’s long-standing heritage, track record of proven expertise and unparalleled sector insights. The choice they made for the physical iteration of the brand is based on light – shining the light on risk and understanding risk from the smallest detail to the biggest picture. Bryte Insurance Company Limited passionately subscribes to the idea of partnering with its brokers and customers. The logo symbolises this core pledge as it represents the joining of Bryte Insurance Company Limited and Brokers and Business.